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Susanna, with over 40 years of experience in homebirth is rooted in traditional midwifery and is strengthened by medical science. Instrumental in bringing Water Birth to the United States, she wrote the definitive book on birthing in water: Waterbirth: A Midwife’s Perspective.

Caring, compassionate, and supportive.
Attended over 800 births. An active member of CALM.

“Giving birth to my son is by far the most beautiful experience I have ever had.
I became a homebirth midwife because I wanted you to experience the
same joy in bringing your children into the world.”
Susanna Napierala LM


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Susanna Napierala Northbay Midwife

Susanna Napierala

I have been practicing homebirth midwife for over four decades. My practice is rooted in history, balanced with modern medicine and love.

State of California Licensed Midwife

Bachelor of Arts degree in Women’s Health

Homebirth Midwife with 40+ years experience.

Susanna is Certified in Professional CPR, Certified Neonatal Resuscitation, Lactation Consulting

As a early pioneer of waterbirth, I helped bring waterbirth to the US.  My ground-breaking book, WATER BIRTH: A MIDWIFE’S PERSPECTIVE, is the definitive book for information on laboring and giving birth in the water.

I am a long standing and active member of CALM (California Associate of Licensed Midwives) and MANA (Midwives Alliance of North America)

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I offer payment plans. We will discuss what works within both of our needs during our first consultation.





My ground-breaking book, WATER BIRTH: A MIDWIFE’S PERSPECTIVE, is the definitive book for information on laboring and giving birth in the water. I helped to pioneer waterbirths in the U.S.A. in the early 1980s when there was little to no information on the subject.

Water Birth: A Midwife's Perspective

Water Birth: A Midwife’s Perspective

In her carefully presented book, Susanna Napierala, midwife to more than 800 births over 40+ years, suggests that giving birth in water offers mother and infant the ideal circumstances for beginning their lives together. Recognizing that this birthing approach was not yet widely practiced in the United States, Napierala wrote about commonly-asked questions: How does the baby breathe underwater? What about complications or infections? What specifically makes water birth a viable choice, and for whom? How do a couple and their chosen midwife prepare for water birth? Avoiding ideological didactics, the author cautions that, regardless of a couple’s expectations of the birth experience, every pregnancy’s priority should be a healthy mother and baby. Google Book Reviews

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“Susanna talked to me just in the way I needed to get me through that inner struggle.  She used a firm but kind tone with me.  She shared her birth story with me, which helped me to stop judging myself for my feelings and soothed my emotional struggle dealing with the pain.   She walked me through guided imagery.  Both of these interventions helped me calm down and placed me in a mindset that gave me energy to complete my birth.”


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