Postpartum &
Newborn Care

Loving Care After Birth

Postpartum care begins the day after your baby is born. I am focused on both you and your newborn. I check your vital signs, your bleeding, and how well you are doing in general, and with feeding your baby. I do a well-baby check-up, I look at your newborn for jaundice, and assess how well he/she is adapting to extra-uterine life. Aftercare instructions are provided.

On day three, the milk has come in and I repeat a breast exam to check for any problems, and if you are breastfeeding provide any lactation support needed. I have many years of continued education on lactation.

Also on each visit I will do a newborn well-baby checkup.

​Here is a schedule for Postpartum visits in your home:

  • Day 1 Postpartum check-up for mother and baby
  • Day 3 Postpartum check-up for mother and baby
  • 1 Week check-up & family wellness support

  • 2 Week check-up & family wellness support

  • 6 Week check-up & family wellness support

  • More visits are included if necessary

“Susanna came everyday for the next week for my postpartum  care.  And continued to visit for the weeks to come.  She went over and beyond for us with her postpartum care.  She was there for me answering any questions and concerns that I had.  When I felt alone or fearful, she was there for me.  I felt, and still feel, that I can go to her for anything,  getting her full attention when I need it most. ”.


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