When my wife was in her last semester of medical school we found out we were pregnant, only three months after our wedding. To us as doctors, safety and kindness during a birth are essential for all women. This led us to choose Susanna as our midwife.

We want to say Susanna Napierala was a blessing for us. We met her over the phone when we were outside of the States. We found her through her website and when we first talked we connected immediately. Susanna cared for my wife when she arrived to California and during the rest of the pregnancy. She supported us medically and emotionally in a very vulnerable period of our lives. I always felt included in every consult and at the birth of our dear Michelangelo despite being unable to travel to California at that time. This midwife has such a strong spiritual aura that she shared with all the family, which made us confident about what was to come. This was especially important for my wife’s mother, an experienced physician, who opened her home and heart to host the birth.

Susanna is very professional and skilled. During childbirth my wife had a complication but the midwife remained calm and worked efficiently at all times. Fortunately, everything went well.

Today we feel so grateful to call Susanna our midwife, and now, close family friend.

We recommend Susanna Napierala without reservation to all parents hoping for a home birth.