Prenatal Care at Home

Last night I went to the house of the family that had just hired me to be their midwife. They are an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) couple. I asked why they wanted to hire a midwife. The pregnant mother replied that during the IVF care, they felt like someone was always there for them… night and day. The IVF group that did their care took time with them and answered all their questions.

As the pregnancy progressed and the fetus seemed strong and healthy, the mom’s care was transferred over to an obstetrician. After a few sessions with the doctor, she decided to search for a midwife. She said the care was so minimal and rushed. She was used to more hand-holding from the doctors who helped her with the IVF. She said the obstetrician barely had time to answer her questions. This was her first pregnancy and the couple had no idea what to expect. They felt that they needed more guidance.

We scheduled a prenatal in her home. This was a relief to her since her first trimester nausea was going full force. She didn’t have to get in the car and drive anywhere. The new mother wanted me to explain to her husband what services I was offering to them, which led to all kinds of questions from the new father. I was there for 2.5 hours.

We discussed supplements to take; how to exercise; what type of exercise would be the most beneficial; what foods to eat that were high in protein and iron… foods that were beneficial to support a healthy pregnancy. Her doctor did not approach these topics.

We also discussed reading material and documentaries to watch about childbirth. She said she was afraid of birth, as most of us are in Western societies. I explained to her that the job of the midwife was support and help the mother to empower herself to overcome those fears. I further explained that we would be a team to guide her through any fears that would come up. Unlike the hospitals with their revolving staff, and not knowing what doctor would be on call for her, I would be there consistently. I could see her relax by the time our prenatal ended. The next day she texted me and expressed to me how much safer she felt and how happy she was to have found me.