Pre-Natal Care: Why Nutrition is the building block of health

As a pregnant mom, you know the importance of caring for yourself and your growing baby.

Pre-natal nutrition is vital in providing both mother and baby with critical vitamins and minerals

to support growth, development, and overall health throughout pregnancy.

As part of Northbay Midwifery services, pre-natal nutrition and counseling are key. Eating

nutritious foods during pregnancy can help ensure proper fetal growth while also helping

reduce common discomforts like morning sickness or fatigue. Eating well-balanced meals that

include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins (like fish), whole grains (like oatmeal or quinoa),

nuts/seeds/legumes are excellent sources of essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, folate,

vitamin D, choline, omega three fatty acids and more. At Northbay Midwifery, we help you

devise a nutritional plan that works for you and provides the building blocks for a healthy

pregnancy and baby.

Pregnant moms must take extra care regarding their nutritional requirements – not only will

they feel better, but more importantly, so will their unborn babies!