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Baby Lila

As I spoke with Susanna on the phone I immediately felt at ease and knew in my heart that she would be with me through every stage of my pregnancy.

Baby Lila2023-01-25T19:53:24+00:00

Anthony’s Birth

I can't express in words how thankful I am that I was able to have such a wonderful midwife take care of me through my pregnancy, birth, and post-care. Susanna is exceptional at making one feel well taken care of. She is attentive, accessible, and hard-working.

Anthony’s Birth2022-03-04T01:41:16+00:00

Baby Sam

Just want to put out there a recommendation for our wonderful homebirth midwife Susanna Napierala. Susanna was amazing for us on many levels. She has over 3 decades of experience helping moms deliver babies at home.

Baby Sam2023-01-25T19:53:11+00:00

Baby Sam’s Sister Maya

I would love to recommend most highly our wonderful homebirth midwife Susanna Napierala. Susanna has been an integral part of the births of both of our beautiful children. We have learned so much from her vast amount of experience as a pioneer bringing waterbirths to the U.S. Our first child was supposed to be a homebirth, but our boy came just a bit too early. Susanna had prepared us well beforehand, getting to know us and allowing us to get to know her.

Baby Sam’s Sister Maya2023-01-25T19:53:02+00:00

Cosgrove’s Birth

Susanna came every day for the next week for my postpartum care.  And continued to visit for weeks to come.  She went over and beyond for us with her postpartum care.  She was there for me answering any questions and concerns that I had.  When I felt alone or fearful, she was there for me.  I felt, and still feel, that I can go to her for anything,  getting her full attention when I need it most.  I truly feel that my birth went as smoothly as it did due to her care.  She is so dedicated to her field.  In my eyes, she is like the salt of the earth.  I feel that I not only have a wonderful midwife but now beautiful friend in my life.   I could not thank her enough.

Cosgrove’s Birth2023-01-25T19:52:56+00:00

Rowan’s Birth Story

Susanna arrived and checked me and we were delighted to find that I was 9 cm dilated and it was almost time to push! She said to my mom "you're going to be here for the birth" my mom asked if I wanted her to stay and I said yes, I needed her. I got in the tub and the water was still pretty cold but not so bad considering it was July and it was heating up outside.

Rowan’s Birth Story2023-01-25T19:52:49+00:00

The Birth of Reese

Susanna talked to me just in the way I needed to get me through that inner struggle. She used a firm but kind tone with me. She shared her birth story with me, which helped me to stop judging myself for my feelings and soothed my emotional struggle dealing with the pain. She walked me through guided imagery. Both of these interventions helped me calm down and placed me in a mindset that gave me energy to complete my birth.

The Birth of Reese2023-01-25T19:52:43+00:00

Leonis Birth Story

Everything about Leoni was mysterious from the start. She was a surprise baby in every way. I didn’t even do a test until I was two weeks late on my period as I was “convinced” I was not pregnant. Her energy was so subtle and sweet right from the get-go.

Leonis Birth Story2023-01-25T19:52:37+00:00
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